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The research team led by Eveline Peeters performs research in the fields of molecular and synthetic microbiology, focusing on a variety of microorganisms -bacteria, archaea and fungi- with a special interest in extremophiles. Interdisciplinary research approaches are used, including genetic, genomic and biochemical methodologies. Fundamental research, focused on a molecular-level understanding of gene regulatory processes, goes hand in hand with application-driven research, in which microorganisms are engineered for the performant biobased production of chemicals and materials.

In the research theme “biomaterials”, we investigate the use of microorganisms as cell factories for the biobased production of biodegradable materials. In one research line, microbial polyhydroxyalkanoate production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (bioplastics) is investigated and optimized for more cost-efficient production processes, either through the use of non-conventional cell factories (e.g. extremophiles) and/or through the use of synthetic biology approaches. In a second research line, we investigate the use of mycelial biomass as a novel material class. This research typically involves interdisciplinary research approaches, in which we closely collaborate with other VUB research groups (e.g. ae-lab, FYSC, ORGC).


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A sheet of polyhydroxyalkanoates, a microbially produced bioplastic


Mycelium-based biomaterial