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Synthetic biology

The research team led by Eveline Peeters performs research in the fields of molecular and synthetic microbiology, focusing on a variety of microorganisms -bacteria, archaea and fungi- with a special interest in extremophiles. Interdisciplinary research approaches are used, including genetic, genomic and biochemical methodologies. Fundamental research, focused on a molecular-level understanding of gene regulatory processes, goes hand in hand with application-driven research, in which microorganisms are engineered for the performant biobased production of chemicals and materials.

Besides the development of synthetic-biology toolboxes for the engineering of non-conventional microbial hosts, we aim to construct synthetic genetic circuits for application as whole-cell biosensors or to improve production strains through dynamic pathway regulation. To this end, we rely on an extensive knowledge of the functioning of transcription factors and their cis-regulatory elements and employ Escherichia coli as our preferred host.


More information: Eveline Peeters

red culture

Cultures of E. coli expressing a red fluorescent protein